CollectDocs Newsletter - February 2014
Exciting New Features:

Global Report - See all missing checklist items from all checklists and filter the report for just the information you need. For example, see a list of all incomplete Tasks or all outstanding Requests by recipient.

Request Reminder for a future date - Send out a Request and set the automated reminder to start at a future date. For instance, if you need to collect 401K selections by March 31st, you may want to send out the requests for information in January, but not send out a reminder until March 1st and then have the reminder repeat every 7 days thereafter.

Custom Checklist Numbering - You can now customize the numbering scheme for checklists. Use numbers, letters or roman numerals and define the scheme down to five levels deep.

Highlighted Features of the Month:

Requesting Documents, Tasks or Data - This is the game changer. Undoubtedly, your checklists require information from others. Rather than send an email asking for a document or for a task to be completed, simply setup a checklist and send out a request. A request can be for a single checklist item or multiple checklist items. By the way, did you know that you can attach blank forms to your request? Learn More

CollectDocs InBox - Yes, every user and checklist owner has an InBox in CollectDocs. What does it do? You can batch upload files into the InBox and then drag and drop those files onto your checklists. You can even email documents to your InBox. Just send an email from your email address to or anyone can email a document to "". Learn More

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