CollectDocs Newsletter - March 2014
New Features:

Contacts - A great new feature of CollectDocs is the ability to batch upload contacts to provide easy checklist access to everyone involved in the process. Go to settings and there is a link to Import Contacts from File. The tool helps map the fields that are needed like contact name, company, email address and phone number. There is no additional cost for contacts in the system and there is no cost for giving those contacts access to checklists – Share the Love, Share the Workload☺.

Highlighted Features of the Month:

History Report - CollectDocs shines in any compliance oriented process. The history report provides a complete history of the checklist from creation of the checklist, to every action by each user, all the way to the final exportation of the checklist data. The history report can be run on demand and it is automatically included in every checklist export. Retain this history report as proof of compliance.

Requirements - Every document, task and data item in a CollectDocs checklist can have a "Requirement" that must be satisfied before the item is considered Complete. The document may have been uploaded, but there will be a "Warning" until the Requirement is met. For instance, financial projections may have been uploaded but an analyst must confirm the assumptions before it is considered final.

A Million Uses:

We know that CollectDocs is a great tool for due diligence and employee on-boarding, but we want our users to get EXTREME VALUE from CollectDocs. This section is devoted to providing our users with creative ideas for CollectDocs in the everyday work life. Feel free to share your ideas and successful uses and we will post them. Send to -

New Use #1: New Customer Setup - When companies bring on a new customer there is a process that includes various tasks (enter into accounting system or ERP), documentation (contract, W-9, COI) and some data collection (years in business, D&B #). This is the perfect situation to use CollectDocs. Billing will be more accurate, the implementation will go smoother and customer support will improve because there is a complete "File" for every customer.

New Use #2: Employee Exit Processing - Similar to the need for process and control when on-boarding a new employee, there is also a significant need for process and control when an employee is exiting. For instance, remove an employee from systems, retrieve access cards, process paperwork and transition benefits (Cobra, 401k rollover). Use CollectDocs to make sure this process is Compliant and Complete.

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