CollectDocs Newsletter - June 2014
You will notice from the updated CollectDocs home page that we are highlighting the fact that CollectDocs is a tireless, amazingly efficient, super organized, executive assistant, business analyst and bulldog all rolled into one - because that is what it is. We just released the latest version upgrade and it includes many great new features that help it live up to that description. Here is a summary of what is new in Version 1.5:
  • Checklist Due Date - We have added a Checklist Due Date so you know the expected timing of a particular project. You can sort checklists by due date on your dashboard and view the progress bar to get a clear picture.
  • High Priority Items - There is now the ability to mark checklist items as high-priority. This simple icon lets you know that an item is High Priority.
  • Item Due Date - Each checklist item can now have its own due date . A due date for individual checklist items is a great way to build a workflow that has clearly defined timing goals.
  • Item Information Fields - Each checklist can have up to three additional information fields for each item and you define those fields on a checklist by checklist basis. For instance, you can create a checklist for gathering the most recent 10K for your top 25 competitors. Now you can add a Total Sales field, Total Assets field and Number of Employees field for each competitor so that you can collect the electronic 10K file along with the additional information to help you sort and prioritize your analysis.
  • Folder Level Security - A new security feature provides the ability to limit user access to selected folders within a single checklist. Now you can have a single, comprehensive checklist and easily and securely share access with both internal and external users.
  • Item Filters within a Checklist - We added filters within a checklist so you can quickly see only the items you are interested in. For instance, view only the incomplete items or view only those items with a due date. There are eleven filters in all to help you get the view you need.
  • Folders for Templates & Forms - You can now store your checklist templates and forms in folders to keep them organized. Keep the blank employee benefit forms in one folder and the new hire forms in another. By the way, you can use forms with digital signature fields so that you can send a request to a new hire and include the blank forms with the request – a completely paperless onboarding.
  • Send Yourself a Request - Lastly we added the ability to send an item request to yourself so you have a built in tickler system for items that you need to take care of.

Of course all of these great new features are seamlessly incorporated into the reporting, history and export features. We hope you will take advantage of these features to make your life easier with your even more powerful, super assistant.

Use Cases:

This section is devoted to providing our users with creative ideas for CollectDocs in the everyday work life. Feel free to share your ideas and successful uses and we will post them. Send to -

We briefly mentioned one new use case above where you can use CollectDocs to gather and keep organized, market intelligence on your competitors. Here are two other ideas on how CollectDocs can assist you.

Use Case 3 - Distribute and Collect Employee Forms

Maybe your company has a division or group of employees that all need to sign a new healthcare benefit form. You can use CollectDocs to send out the blank form and ensure the receipt of every employee’s fully executed form. Here’s how.

Create a new checklist and add an item for each employee. If you have multiple forms for each employee to fill out, create a folder for each employee and then one item for each form within the folder. Then send out a request to each employee with the blank form (s) attached and set the reminder time period. CollectDocs will take care of the rest of the process until all the forms are collected.

Use Case 4 - Getting Ready for a Presentation

This is a use case that does not necessarily involve any document collection, but CollectDocs can still help you. Typically there are many tasks that you need to accomplish to deliver a winning presentation. For instance, researching the topic, understanding the audience, preparing the PowerPoint slides, making travel arrangements, ordering or creating handouts, testing the online meeting system and so on.

Why not put that list in CollectDocs and set date reminders for yourself and check off your tasks as you complete them. If you also need the assistance of others, grant them access to your list or send them a request. For instance, maybe you need the most recent company logo or PowerPoint slide templates.

Thank you for being a CollectDocs user and we hope it is making life easier for you.
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