CollectDocs Newsletter - December 2014
CollectDocs is our Swiss army knife/duct tape/SUV application for getting things done at work. Based on the ubiquitous checklist, CollectDocs will make any process that involves a list of documents to collect, tasks to complete or information to gather far easier, more organized and even automated. Try it out for yourself at

In this Issue:

  1. Notifications – Never miss a deadline or status change.
  2. Reports - Instant access to global or individual checklist status.
  3. Use Cases - Accountants at Tax Time and Comprehensive Employee Onboarding

Notifications The notification features within CollectDocs separate it from file sharing applications. Most file sharing applications can alert the users when a new file has arrived or if it has been modified. CollectDocs does that. But few if any systems will alert users if a file has been edited or deleted, and none let you customize the notification settings for delivery frequency or customize the settings folder by folder.

Maybe the most useful notification is the simple visual method - Green Check. Visual symbols for Completed, Warning – Incomplete, Requirement Not Met, Request Outstanding and Priority are just some of the ways that you can quickly and efficiently keep track of your work in CollectDocs. Staring at a bunch of files and folders does not give you any idea what has been reviewed or opened or completed.


Reports CollectDocs has amazing reporting capabilities to help all users stay current. Of course, that is the purpose of CollectDocs, to help you get more done, on time and with less headache. CollectDocs has six standard reports that can be run on all checklists or a single checklist. The reports show incomplete items, incomplete tasks, incomplete requests, etc. The global report includes the status of each item in all checklists and shows the due date and the priority of each item. The Incomplete Requests report also includes the name of the person who the request was sent to and the date sent.

Reports can also be run from within a checklist. This is particularly helpful if you have a very long checklist and you want to quickly see the incomplete tasks.

Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel and all reports can be filtered by the column headings so that even more custom reporting can be done. For instance, run a report to find out how many incomplete items a particular user is responsible for.

Use Cases Use Cases

Accountants Gathering Client Data: At least once a year Accountants must reach out to their clients to gather the documentation necessary to complete the tax return. Some clients have quarterly tax filings so there may be up to five times during the year that information is gathered and documents produced.

CollectDocs is the easiest tool to use for both the accountant and their clients. It is easy for the accountant because the required list of information to be gathered can be a saved template and all items on the list can be sent to the client in one simple Request. It is easy on the client, because the Request feature means that the client doesn’t need a user name and password. All the client has to do is complete the items on the list that is sent to them via email. The email allows the client to connect to a secure webpage to upload documents, answer questions or complete tasks. Simple.

After the documentation is all collected, the accountant can either deliver the final forms via email, deliver from CollectDocs to the client or deliver a hardcopy. Due dates can be set up, priorities indicated and of course, CollectDocs sends out automated reminders for those procrastinating clients.

Employee Onboarding: Employee onboarding is more than just getting them set up in payroll, getting the drug screen results and obtaining a signed I-9. Getting a new employee onboard can include coordinating a list of technology steps that need to be taken, scheduling training sessions that need to occur, benefits documentation that must be gathered and even office setup tasks. Most EHR systems are focused on gathering the forms that need to be gathered and data such as birthdate, address, etc. CollectDocs can fulfill the remaining required, but often neglected steps to make sure that the employee gets off on the right foot. Less chaos for a company that is doing a lot of hiring is invaluable., (630) 279-0577 x122,
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