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CollectDocs is more than just an application, it’s the easiest way to achieve business process automation. CollectDocs is your tireless, amazingly efficient, super organized, executive assistant, business analyst and bulldog all rolled in one. We are happy to share more information about Millennia Group and CollectDocs below.

CollectDocs was created and is hosted by Millennia Group, LLC. Millennia Group was founded in 1996 for the purpose of helping businesses find information – Information [Found] is Power. Millennia Group provides scanning services and hosted document management, workflow and retrieval applications to a wide variety of companies around the country to help them get organized, stay organized and quickly find the information they need.

In 2003 Millennia Group began hosting documents in the first generation of our online document management system, FileStar. Today, FileStar 4.0 has over 5,000 users securely storing and retrieving over a terabyte of documents. FileStar is a hosted solution that is being used by major corporations to quickly access employee files, accounts payable documents, contracts and many other document types. We are not only hosting these documents, we have turned costly paper based processes into efficient digital processes all managed through FileStar. Millennia Group provides in-house support for FileStar and regularly provides updates and expanded features to meet our clients growing digital document needs.

CollectDocs was created to address the new realities of business – process automation. Most business processes are repeated events, like a loan application process, a new employee hire process or a new customer on-boarding process. Many of these processes currently use some form of checklist, whether that is a printed checklist or a spreadsheet. CollectDocs lets the user create and re-use online Checklists where digital files can quickly be attached, tasks completed and data collected and the completion of these items visible and sharable.

If you have a business process that includes a repeated collection of documents, completion of tasks or collection of data, you need CollectDocs. Not only does CollectDocs eliminate the problem of overburdening the company email system, it also eliminates the unruly shared network drive where files are lost or are unnoticed. Many export options exist to help transition the collected information to other digital storage options, including FileStar of course.

CollectDocs is hosted in a SSAE 18 certified facility with redundant power and internet sources and the server configuration meets best practice requirements for data security. All customer data is encrypted for maximum data protection. All Millennia Group employees undergo background checks and drug screening as a condition of employment.

We are confident that you will love CollectDocs for exactly what it is - Simple, Tireless and Efficient. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will join the growing list of new users.

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